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Softball Battled with the Wind and the Bearcats in a Doubleheader Matchup

Softball Battled with the Wind and the Bearcats in a Doubleheader Matchup

PITTSBURGH, PA - During this incredibly windy day in the Steel City, the softball team of La Roche University took on the Bearcats of St. Vincent in a double header matchup. Unfortunately for the Redhawks, the wind ran away with the chance of a win with the wind manipulating a few fly balls, and pitches. 


Things were under control for the Redhawks in the beginning of the seven inning game. The Bearcats put two runs on the board first, but with a single from Alexis Myers in the bottom of the second, Kelly Denk and Ashtin Hoover were able to cross the plate and tie up the game 2-2. 

It was in the top of the fourth inning that things got away from La Roche. St Vincent scored eight runs alone in the top of the fourth. The Redhawks had two errors due to the windy conditions that enabled them to lose the tie they had just earned. 

LRU tried to make a comeback in the bottom of the fifth inning, when Kelly Denk hit a sacrifice fly ball to bring Maria Schussler over the plate, but were not able to continue the trend. The Redhawks had left a total of five runners on base at the end of the faceoff.

Kelly Denk and Alexis Myers were each credited with an RBI, and a hit each. 

Carlie Dillon and Myers split the pitching. Dillon faced 21 batters, and Myers faced 11. 


In game two the scoring started much the same way. The Bearcats got in three runs, in the first three innings, before the Redhawks were able to get one in for themselves in the bottom of the fourth. Quinn Hughes snuck in and stole home while Macy Vignolini distracted the Bearcats by attempting to steal second base. Vignolini was thrown out, but Hughes scored. The score was 3-1 going into the top of the fifth inning. 

The Redhawks and pitcher Carlie Dillon kept St. Vincent to those three runs until the top of the seventh inning, and things got out of hand once more. 

The Bearcats hit two doubles, a single, and then another double, all in a row. Scoring five runs before the Redhawks were able to regroup and get three outs. 

La Roche was not able to battle back in the bottom of the seventh. 

Ashtin Hoover led the offense with two hits. Garrah Milochik, Alexis Myers, Quinn Hughes, Vignolini, and Jesslyn Daniels all also made contact. The Redhawks left runners on base eight times this game. 

Carlie Dillon pitched all seven innings of the game. She threw 119 pitches and 67 of them were strikes. Dillon faced 35 St. Vincent batters. 

La Roche is back with another home game next Saturday against Thiel; another double header matchup. First pitch is scheduled for 1:00 PM.