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Softball Goes 2-0 on Day 2 in Myrtle Beach

Freshman Ashtin Hoover
Freshman Ashtin Hoover

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - In day two of the FastPitch Dreams for the Redhawks they continued on with their winning streak and went 2-0 today. They faced off against Cairn University, and Norwich University. 


The first game today was a 9-1 victory over the Highlanders. Carin was the first on the board with a run sneaking in after an error in the field, luckily after that, the Redhawks were able to turn it around. 

First on base for La Roche was Katie Gaughan, who laid down a bunt that reached the third baseman, but Gaughan was faster. Ashtin Hoover stepped up to bat next, and put down a bunt of her own. Quinn Hughes was the first to drive home Hoover, and the runners advanced so when the next at-bat started there were Redhawks on second, and third base. 

During Alexis Myers time at the plate, there was an error on the Highlander catcher and Kelly Denk was able to slide in to obtain a run for the Redhawks. Myers was then able to get one to hit her barrel the right way and she singled a line drive out to right field. She pushed in Hughes and made the score 3-1. 

In the bottom of the inning Carlie Dillon struck out two batters, one looking and one swinging. She laid the groundwork for her team to go back to work on offense.

Garrah Milochik was the first up and singled to left field. Gaughan sacrificed a bunt, and was able to not only advance Milochik to third base, but earn herself a spot on first base. 

Hoover was able to push Milochik across home with a ground ball to center field. Hoover took it upon herself to steal a second, and then again to steal third. Hughes hit a line drive and is able to bring Hoover home, bringing Hughes home is Dillon who triples to left field. 

With all of the at bats the Redhawks put in, the score at the end of the second inning was 7-1 in favor of La Roche. 

In the bottom of the third inning is where La Roche got their final two runs of the game. It was Hughes who once again sent two batters across home plate. She did it with a single to right field.

At the end of the day Quinn Hughes recorded three hits, two runs and two RBIs. Carlie Dillon followed right behind her teammate and also recorded two RBIs. Alexis Myers also earned herself two hits, one RBI and one run. 

Ashtin Hoover recorded three hits, three runs, and one run batted in. 

Carlie Dillon faced 21 batters and struck six of them out. She threw a total of 63 pitches, and a total of 49 of them were strikes.  


The matchup against the Norwich Cadets proved to be more of a challenge for the Redhawks, but they were still able to come out victorious 7-6 after eight innings. 

The action didn't start until the bottom of the third inning. Ashtin Hoover doubled with a hard ground ball to left field and was able to push Katie Gaughan who had gotten on base with a ground ball, the final stretch of the diamond and the Redhawks are the first ones on the board with one run. 

Hoover stole third, which put her in the perfect position to score when Kelly Denk shot a double out to left field. Alexis Myers pushed Denk across home plate with a fly ball that was fielded incorrectly by a Cadet. This put the Redhawks on the board 3-0. 

Norwich answered in the top of the fifth inning, and a triple later the score turned into 3-2, still in favor of La Roche. 

The Redhawks got themselves back on base in the same inning. Denk got a spot on base with a walk, and Hughes pushed them both two bases with a single to left field. She set up a perfect scoring position for Denk to score on a pop out ball to the first baseman. Myers might have been out, but she earned herself an RBI. 

Emma Bizay singles a live drive to center field the next at bat and pushes Hughes to score. La Roche moved into the next inning in the field with a 5-2 lead. 

The bottom of the sixth inning saw another run for the Redhawks, Denk earning herself an RBI and Gaughan scoring. 

Norwich came back to tie the game in the top of the seventh inning, with the Cadets earning themselves four runs. The Redhawks decided at this point to put Quinn Hughes on the mound.

The game remained tied until the bottom of the eight inning where Myers singled to right field and sent Gaughan over the plate, winning the game for La Roche. 

Kelly Denk led the team in RBIs in this game with a total of two. Hoover and Bizay each were credited one. 

Denk earned herself three hits; Gaughan, Hoover, Hughes, and Schussler all earned one. 

Alexis Myers pitched six innings and faced 26 batters, she struck out two. Quinn Hughes took over and she threw two inning and was able to strike out one batter.