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Redhawks Clinch First Conference Victory

Redhawks Clinch First Conference Victory

Pittsburgh, PA - Tonight's match up for the La Roche Redhawks (1-5, 0-1) is against the Pitt-Greensburg Bobcats (2-5, 1-0). 

The Redhawks are looking for their first conference win of the season, and the Bobcats are hoping to add another win to their record. 

Starting for the game for the Redhawks was Devon Darrell (Junior/Lockport, NY), Isaiah Thomas (Freshman/Ambridge, PA), Joe Pipilo (Sophomore/Bridgeville, PA), Kadyn Hannah (Freshman/Murrysville, PA), and Michael Brooks (Freshman/Grove City, PA). 

For the Bobcats were Jaylen Williams (Junior/Bartlow, FL), Reggie Priah (Sophomore/ Cleveland, OH), William Butler (Sophomore/ Euclid, OH), JoJo France (Senior/Akron, OH), and Matt Johnson (Senior/ Prince George's County, PA). 

First Half

The start of this matchup was extremely competitive. 

The first on the scoreboard was Isaiah Thomas for La Roche (two point layup), followed by Hannah who contributed a layup of his own. This gave LRU a quick two point lead. 

Johnson didn't let the Redhawks get too far and put up a layup of his own. 

Swartz was able to add a three point for the Bobcats and took the lead by one (5-4, UPG). 

Williams added to the lead with a layup, assisted by Butler (7-4, UPG). 

This forced Coach Carmichael of La Roche to call his first timeout of the game. 

Pipilo was able to get LRU back within one with a quick jumper at the foul line (7-6, UPG). 

Priah got his first points of the game for UPG with a layup, putting the Bobcats backup by three (9-6). 

Tommy Arbuckle (Senior/ Indiana, PA) joined the game and hit a three point shot for Pitt-Greensburg (12-6, UPG). 

Pipilo answered with a three point shot of his own, putting the Redhawks back within three. 

One possession later, Pipilo did it again from the three point line, tying up the game (12-12). 

Once the contest was tied, the competitive nature of both teams came out to play in full force. 

Priah went up for two, giving Pitt-Greensburg the lead by two. 

Dominic Elliot (Freshman/Pittsburgh, PA) went up for two and tied the game once again (14-14). 

Jordan Grayson (Junior/McKeesport, PA) went up for a quick two point jumper and completed it, putting the Redhawks back up by two. 

Jones netted a three point shot for the Bobcats; giving them a three point lead (17-16, UPG). 

Ross put his first three point goal of the game and hit it, giving LRU the lead back (22-17). 

From this point on neither team was able to get more than a two possession lead at a time. 

Things didn't start to change until there was only 3:36 remaining in the half.
Darrell hit a three point for the Redhawks tying the game once again (33-33). 

Grayson was able to capitalize on this lead and hit a shot from the three point line. 

Grayson the very next possession kept it going and hit a two point jump shot assisted by Brooks. 

Darrell followed after Grayson with a three point field goal of his own. 

Isaiah Thomas added two made free throws to end the period. 

At the end of the half the Redhawks went into the locker room up by six points (43-37, LRU). 

Second Half

The Redhawks maintained their lead during the early stages of the second half; even going as far as to increase their lead by ten points. 

The Bobcats started to infringe upon the Redhawks lead around 16 minutes remaining in the half. France put up a three point shot and completed it (52-48, LRU) was the closest that Pitt-Greensburg got to taking back the lead from La Roche. 

In this half the Bobcats put up 43 points to the Redhawks 50.

Devon Darrell got more than half of his points in the second half (17). 

Micah Jones for UPG also got more than 50% of his points in the second half with 11 of his 16 taking place during this period. 

Final Thoughts

Leading in the scorebook tonight for the Bobcats was Micah Jones (Junior/Washington, DC) who finished tonight's contest with 16 points, and five rebounds. 

Following closely behind Jones was Reggie Priah, netting 15 points of his own. He was also the leading rebound for Pitt-Greensburg with eight. 

Jojo France joined the double digit club with 15 points, and two assists. 

The last person putting up more than ten points for the Bobcats was Lukas Swartz (Sophomore/Magadore, OH), who had a total of 11 points. Swartz went 4 for 6 in three point buckets. 

Devon Darrell lit up the board tonight with 24 points, seven assists, five rebounds, and two steals. Darrell shot 56.3% from field goal range, 50% from the three point line, and went five for five from the foul line. 

Another double digit performer tonight was Joe Pipilo who netted 16 points tonight. He shot 46.2% in field goal range, and 50% from three point range. 

Three other Redhawks hit over 10 points in tonight's contest. 

Isaiah Thomas hit for 14 points and five rebounds.

Jordan Grayson contributed 13 points, as well as six rebounds, one assist, and one block. 

Desmond Ross (Junior/Coraopolis, PA) had 11 points in this contest. 

The Redhawks only had seven turnovers in tonight's contest; the lowest so far this season. 

Who's Next

The next match up for the Redhawks is against Hiram on December 17, 2021. This contest will take place at La Roche University Campus, inside the Kerr Fitness Center and Sports Complex at 4:00 PM.