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Baseball 2-0 in RussMatt; Stutz Hits Walk Off Home Run for the Win

Baseball 2-0 in RussMatt; Stutz Hits Walk Off Home Run for the Win

AUBURNDALE, FL-  Another hot day in Florida and the Redhawks found themselves in a battle with the Keystone Giants. Despite the heat, and the all nine innings that were played, the Redhawks were able to pull out another win at the RussMatt.

The Redhawks got an early lead in the first inning with three runs scored. Christian Melendez, Nathan Stutz, and Tanner Kobal earned themselves RBIs, each with a single. 

In the very next inning however, the Giants came back in a big way. They scored seven runs in one inning. La Roche switched pitchers and Sam DiCicco came in to relieve Tyler Vargon. At the end of the inning, La Roche was down by four. 

Things didn't improve right away for the Redhawks, but sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. In this case Keystone hit a three run home run to make the score 10-3.

Thankfully for La Roche, the dry spell didn't last long and Stutz doubled a line drive out to left field, pushing Cioffi and Lynn in to score. The Redhawks were now only down by five. 

The next inning the team was able to rally and they took a turn having a seven run inning. Kobal tripled up center field; Mason Brooks and Dylan Kurcon scored. 

Ben Dottle repaid the favor to Kobal and singled up the field giving Kobal the opportunity to run across the base himself. 

A single from Cioffi earned him a spot on base; Ryan Lynn walked. The bases were now loaded. On a passed ball Dottle is able to steal home and score a run, tying the game 10-10. 

Stutz doubled up to left field, forcing in two more runs, giving the Redhawks a two run lead. 

The Giants didn't stay down for long and in the top of the eight inning, they scored three runs, giving a one point run over the Redhawks.

In the end it came down to the bottom of the ninth inning, La Roche down by one. Nathan Stutz who hit a grand slam in yesterday's game was once again the hero. Stutz hit a homerun to left field that forced two runs in, giving him a walk off hit, and La Roche the win.