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Baseball has Big Day of Firsts at the RussMatt Invitational

Freshman Ben Dottle
Freshman Ben Dottle

AUBURNDALE, FL- Head coach Adam Dukate got his first as a Redhawk with a 10-6 victory over the Vassar Brewers. 

This week the Redhawks are down in the sunshine state participating in the RussMatt Invitational. It was there that Coach Dukate and the Redhawks were able to earn their first victory of the season, and the first grand slam. 

Tyler Simpson scored the first run on an error, giving La Roche a 1-0 lead in the top of the second inning. 

Things were quiet again until the third inning rolled around and with two outs, the Brewers' pitcher walked Dante DeLillo and Nathan Stutz. Kyle Weitzel singled to short stop and everyone advanced a base. Bases were loaded with two outs, but Mason Brooks did not disappoint. He singled a hard ground ball to third base; both Stutz and DeLillo were able to score, and Weitzel and Brooks were safe. At the end of the inning, LRU had a three to nothing lead over the Brewers in the top of the third inning. 

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Vassar came back, in fact they came back to tie the Redhawks 3-3. 

In the top of the sixth inning things started to pick up again. Barrientos was pitching for the Brewers and he walked Ben Dottle, Anthony Cioffi, and Ryan Lynn

The bases were loaded when DeLillo came up to bat, but unfortunately he struck out looking and Vassar breathed a sigh of relief, but it was only the first out and the bases were still loaded. Not to worry for the Redhawks, Stutz walked up to bat, he saw two pitches and then swung. Stutz had hit a home run, and with the bases loaded, a grand slam. He earned himself four RBIs in that one go, and gave La Roche a four run lead with a score of 7-3. 

The Brewers were able to get out of the rest of the inning unscathed. 

The bottom of the seventh saw Vassar gain another run, as did the bottom of the eighth. Suddenly the Redhawks were only up by one. 

Not to worry, Cioffi walked, and with the walk came a run. Ryan Lynn was intentionally walked. The strategy paid off at first, and the Brewers were able to get their second out. It wasn't entirely foolproof however, another run was walked in and Stutz went to second base and the bases remained loaded with two outs. 

The final run for the Redhawks was driven in by a single from Weitzel.

Stutz led La Roche in RBIs with 5. He also contributed two runs, and one hit which was of course his grand slam home run. 

Mason Brooks followed behind with two RBIs, he also had one hit. 

Kyle Weitzel also contributed an RBI as well as three hits.

Zack Oddi was the starting pitcher for today's contest and he pitched a total of five out of the nine innings. He threw 13 first pitch strikes, and had eight strikeouts.